Dr. Helene Gayle, CARE

Dr. Helene Gayle, CEO, CARE

“Professor Jeff Rosensweig is a presenter of tremendous talent and value to non-profit and for-profit organizations. He combines creative, relevant content with an engaging style. He has proven to be a strategic partner to various industry leaders seeking thoughtful advice … Continue reading

Stephen Caldeira, IFA

Stephen Caldeira, CEO, IFA

“…(jeff) offered a groundbreaking presentation to an exclusive gathering of C-level executives charting prospects for international growth that provided a never-before-seen roadmap for some of the world’s leading corporations and financial services firms…Jeff’s success has led us to invite him … Continue reading

David Abney, UPS

David Abney, CEO, UPS

“…we can always count on you to give an intelligent and enthusiastic message, particularly on global issues…Your content focused approach and…Lending your engaging lecture style to our diverse audiences makes a lasting impact and we look forward to retaining your … Continue reading